Leveler Legs

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Dealing with uneven floors in the back of your vehicle? Let our leveler legs be the solution! With up to two inches of adjustability, this accessory allows you to level your Trunk Bunk, Basic Bunk, Van Shelf, or Home On Wheels Kit so you can get a better night’s sleep in your vehicle!

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Level Out Your Build

Here at Camp N Car, we insist on our products fitting seamlessly into your vehicle. We know that with great gear comes great adventure, and you deserve the best of both!

Because each vehicle is unique, we’ve created these leveler legs to make up for slopes, seats that don’t lie quite flat, and other things that might prevent the clean installation of our products.

These leveler legs are industrial-strength, allow for adjustments up to two inches, and can be installed easily with just a screwdriver. They are compatible with all our bunks and shelves and can be attached at all crucial points of contact.

Even if you don’t think you need them, leveler legs are great to have on hand for making micro-adjustments on the road. So plan ahead and order a pack today!

More Questions?

If you’re still unsure if the leveler legs are a good fit for use in your vehicle camper setup, don’t hesitate to contact us!

1 review for Leveler Legs

  1. Dave Moreau

    The leveler legs really helped me even out the Trunk Bunk in the back of my Toyota 4Runner! They attach very nicely to the supporting legs of the Trunk Bunk and feel really strong. I love the adjustability and would recommend them for anyone who has a car with a slightly tilted cargo area.

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