Camp N Car

Adventure Furniture

& Custom Outfitting

Trunk Bunk

Expanding and contracting sleeping platform perfect for a wide variety of vehicles.

Tall Trunk Bunk

Tall modular sleeping platform with plenty of storage space available underneath.

Click N Cubbies

Stacking modular shelves for creative storage in tiny spaces.
Array of small stacking shelf cubby for van, car, tiny home, RV camping organization and storage

Home On Wheels Kit

The perfect adventure furniture set for camping in your minivan, truck, SUV and more.

Basic Bunk

A sturdy and lightweight solo sleeping platform ideal for any mobile adventurer.

Tall Basic Bunk

Our tall single sleeping platform with plenty of room for storing gear underneath.

Under Bunk Side Drawers

Make the most of the space under your bunk with these fantastic pull out drawers.

Van Shelf (large)

Fantastic large shelf that is great for the back of minivans and camper van interiors.

Van Shelf (small)

A sturdy shelf perfect for bringing more organization to your mobile camping setup.

Custom Work


Pamela Craig

“In March I saw the interview that Cheap RV Living did with Steve from Camp N Car and boom! I knew I had found the company with heart, skill and vision that fit my dream. From start to finish their team gave the customer service, care and skill I had envisioned and more!”

Maryann Tapiro

“I love the bed frame Camp N Car made for my van! It’s a really great design, made with beautiful wood, and strong enough to hold me and my two dogs. I love that I can make it a single or double and it fits between the wheel wells inside the back of the van. Great guys with a great product!”

Linda Delaney

“I love it, it’s perfect! I can sleep in it, I can live in it, I can work in it, I can cook here. This is perfect for me. I’m gonna be retiring and I wanna hit the road and have a great time and now I can do it because of Camp N Car!”

Megan Wildwood

“Assembling the Trunk Bunk was the most fun I’ve had in ages. I seriously can’t recommend this enough. I’ve designed and built three platforms now and not having to measure and cut my wood has saved me a lot of trouble. Now I have way more time for adventuring in my Honda Element!”

Celeste Esposito

They went above and beyond. Incredible quality work, beautifully designed. I am so thrilled to have done business not only with skilled workers, but wonderful and kind people!

Rod Hanson

“We couldn’t be happier, we really enjoyed the collaborative process. We came in with our ideas but they would be enhanced every time we got into discussions. We’re really happy with where this went!”

Adventure On Your Terms

Camp N Car creates easily installed adventure furniture and runs a full service custom shop to transform your vehicle into a comfortable and stylish camper anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking to drop the lease and spend some time on the open road or just want an alternative to tent camping and expensive hotels, Camp N Car makes it easy and affordable.