Under Bunk Side Drawers

Want to make the most of your limited space? The Under Bunk Side Drawers are the perfect accessory for your Trunk Bunk or Basic Bunk. These perfectly fitted drawers slide out the side of your sleeping platform giving you a great place to store your essentials while you live your best life on the road. These drawers are available for both the regular and tall versions of the Basic Bunk and the Trunk Bunk. They are easy to assemble and can be added to any of our bunks that were purchased in 2022 and beyond. Orders ship and become available for pickup within 2-3 weeks of the purchase date.

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We’re happy to answer your questions on sizing, dimensions and any other fitting considerations you may have. Our customer service represenatitives are friendly, reliable and never more than an email or phone call away @ 360-554-9684

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We stand by the quality of our USA made products. From start to finish we are here to support you through any questions or issues you may encounter during your Camp N Car experience.

Rethink Your Storage…

When you’re camping and living out of small spaces, every square inch of space matters. You’ve got gear, food and other provisions that you need to keep stowed away in a manner that is efficient with the space you have available. With the powerful combination of our Under Bunk Side Drawers and one of our many sleeping platform options, you can do just that. These sturdy drawers can hold a lot and are perfectly fitted to make the most of the space available underneath your Camp N Car bunk of choice.

Combine these drawers with the Basic Bunk, Trunk Bunk, Tall Basic Bunk or the Tall Trunk Bunk and get ready to usher in a new era of organization in your tiny home on wheels. These drawers are available for all of our bunks in all sizes inSe an easily assembled DIY kit that we can ship anywhere in the world. Only want one drawer? No problem! You can order one instead of two. These can be added to any Camp N Car bunk made in 2022 and onward. Unsure if it’s right for you? Contact us now!


Any Height, Any Length

The Under Bunk Side Drawers are compatible with all our sleeping platforms.

Mix and Match Drawers

Order both drawers or only order one, you can always add more later!

Strong and Dependable

We use high quality drawer slides and top tier materials for these drawers.

Push to Open Sliders

These special sliders prevent the drawers from flying open on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these drawer sliders compatible with my existing Camp N Car bunk?

If your Camp N Car sleeping platform was purchased in 2022 or later then yes, these drawers are compatible! We have specially fitted our newer models to ensure that these drawers can be added to any existing bunk. Do feel free to contact us if you are unsure, it may still work!

What is the weight capacity of these drawers?

These drawer slides are rated to hold up to 100 pounds, so we do not recommend putting more than 100 pounds of stuff in each drawer.

Are the tall bunk drawers larger so they take up the whole space underneath?

Yes! The drawers for the Tall Trunk Bunk and the Tall Basic Bunk are bigger and fill the entire underside of the sleeping platform much like the drawers for the regular bunks do.

Can you use the shorter drawers for the regular bunks on one of the tall bunks?

Yes! If you only want one of the shorter drawers on the underside of your Tall Trunk/Basic Bunk then you can absolutely purchase a set of those drawers and add them to your tall bunk. This will give you some open space underneath which depending on your needs could be very nice to have.

Is these drawers easy to assemble on my own? What do I need?

Yes! These drawers are both easy and fun to assemble. We provide extremely thorough and simple directions to make putting them on your bunk a breeze. All you need is an electric screwdriver and a sense of adventure and you’ll have your unit assembled in no time. Our team is also here to help you along the way if you encounter any issues or difficulties in the assembly process. Your honesty and feedback is important to us and is a key tool in helping us improve our designs and instructions over time!

Can you assemble these drawers for me?

Yes! We are pleased to offer in house assembly for those who can come to our shop in Port Townsend Washington to pick it up once it’s complete. In house assembly is an option that is available at the top of the product page.

Due to the high price and logistical difficulties of shipping a fully assembled drawers this is not a service we can offer at this time.

Have you ever lived or traveled extensively out of a vehicle?
The entire inspiration for Camp N Car comes from the shared experiences of the companies founders. Our managing director Steve Moore lived out of a special Honda Element camper in Alaska for 6 months which was designed by our Technical Director Martin Nerbovig. Through this experience he gained a deep insight into living a fulfilling and minimalist lifestyle on the road. After awhile friends started asking about getting builds of a similar nature done for their vehicles and here we are today! We are happy to share our experiences and skills with the world so that others may share in the same kind of joy that this travel brings. To hear more awesome vanlife stories join our mailing list today!
Why does these drawers cost this much?

Everything we make is designed with a great deal of thorough engineering and care using advanced software and expensive machinery. From there we pick top quality and sustainable materials and hand craft everything here in Washington State to an extremely high standard. Additionally, our employees are highly skilled craftspeople who are paid living wages and are treated like our family.

The reality of doing all of this means we can’t offer goods that are as cheap as stuff you can buy from overseas manufactures, but we are determined to continue being a company that manufactures solely in the United States and supports our local economy. Once you make your purchase you will see the quality and customer care make it all worthwhile!

Can you ship out of the United States? How about Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes we do, but you will need to contact us to make a special shipping arrangement. We offer free shipping to all customers in the contiguous United States but for anyone outside the US or in Alaska/Hawaii we will need to generate a custom shipping quote and charge accordingly.

Final Considerations

If you need a sweet addition to the functionality of your Trunk Bunk, Basic Bunk, Tall Trunk Bunk or Tall Basic Bunk then these drawers are for you. The side sliding function allows you to access your under-bed storage inside the vehicle and makes use of every square inch of space underneath your bunk. These drawers are compatible with any of our bed platforms sold in 2022 and onward. If you’re unsure if this is the right fit for your needs don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll figure it out together!


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