Trunk Bunk Mattress


Customized to work perfectly with The Trunk Bunk, our specially-made mattress is your ticket to a good night’s sleep! Choose your bed length, desired firmness, and color to ensure you get the ideal mattress for your camping needs.

This mattress is made offsite by a trusted manufacturing partner and will arrive at your home within 3-5 weeks after your order has been placed.

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The Trunk Bunk Mattress

Need a mattress for your Trunk Bunk? Here it is! Custom-made in the USA for use with our signature expanding bed platform, this mattress is a great option for optimizing your comfort on the road.

Ideally sized for the Trunk Bunk with your choice of firmness and color, pick the mattress that’s right for your needs! The Trunk Bunk Mattress is made up of two separate cushions which can be connected via a single large cover, so you can use it in both the narrow and fully expanded mode.

The wider of the two cushions is 25″ wide and the narrower is 17″ wide, when connected they total 42″ wide which is perfect for use in a fully expanded Trunk Bunk. You can even take the smaller of the two cushions and use it as a seat backer to turn the Trunk Bunk into an epic little couch!

These mattresses are made from your choice of two different foams with a standard thickness of 4″. Most people prefer the medium-firm foam, be advised that the extra-firm is VERY firm! If you need a mattress thicker than 4″, please let us know in the custom mattress form below.

Each mattress section is encased within a zippered cotton cover for easy laundering! It’s a high-quality fabric that should last for years of adventure. Pick the color that suits you best so you can sleep in style.

These mattresses are made in the USA by a trusted manufacturing partner. Each mattress order will arrive at your home within 3-5 weeks in a vacuum-sealed package! Need a custom mattress? Fill out the form below and let’s get something made for you!


Hanging out by the beach on a camping trip camping out of a Toyota 4Runner with a Basic Bunk sleeping platform from Camp N Car.

Need a Custom Mattress?

If you need a specific custom mattress for your camper or if you would like to alter anything about the Trunk Bunk Mattress such as the foam thickness, please let us know!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my mattress?

Because these mattresses are only available on a made to order basis by one of our trusted manufacturing partners, they will take a little longer to get to you than your Trunk Bunk will. We estimate that your mattress should arrive within 3-5 weeks of placing your order, although that wait time is subject to change.

Why is this mattress so expensive?

All of the mattresses for our products are made with high-quality foam and fabric here in the United States on a custom basis. This means they aren’t cheap, but they will fit your bunk perfectly and provide you with exactly what you need to get a good nights sleep on the road!

Can I customize any part of this mattress?

Yes! If you prefer a different arrangement of the cusions, or would like a thicker foam please use the custom mattress form above to indicate your preferences and we will get you an updated mattress quote.

Can you ship abroad? What about Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes we do, but you will need to contact us to make a special shipping arrangement. We offer free shipping of our mattresses to all customers in the contiguous United States but for anyone outside the US or in Alaska/Hawaii we will need to generate a custom shipping quote and charge accordingly.


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