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Transforming furniture makes the most of the limited space in your van. Enter the Frontier Futon. This is the convertible couch/bed the vanlife world has been waiting for!

The Frontier Futon is now available as an easily assembled DIY kit with free shipping in the lower 48 of the USA! A custom-made mattress is also available.

Orders placed now will ship or become available for pickup at our van conversion shop in Port Townsend, Washington, within 2-4 weeks.

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Why You’ll Love the Frontier Futon

Tired of choosing between a comfortable bed at night and a place to lounge during the day? With the Frontier Futon, you don’t have to choose! This beautiful piece of modular furniture transforms from a couch to a bed and back – easily!

The Frontier Futon is designed to slide seamlessly into your van conversion. It features a wheel well cutout to maximize space efficiency and is the perfect size to sleep two (tall!) people in your tiny home on wheels.

When in couch mode, the Frontier Futon comfortably seats 3-4 people and turns your van into the ultimate hangout spot! A custom mattress is available and is secured to the frame with a bungee cord.

The Frontier Futon is now available as an easily assembled DIY kit. It can also be picked up at our van conversion shop in Port Townsend, Washington and installed free of charge.

So where will you adventure first?!

Do you envision you and your loved one taking it easy in couch mode after a long day on the trail? Or curling up on the bed for a comfy night under the stars? Either way, the Frontier Futon offers a comfortable and flexible modular furniture option to help you make the most of life on the road.

This awesome piece of transforming furniture is made at our van conversion shop in Washington State using sustainable business practices. Got questions? Our team is always available to help!

Not sure if the Frontier Futon is right for you? Keep scrolling to learn more!

Bed Mode Dimensions

76” Long x 50″ Wide x 16.5″ Tall

Couch Mode Dimensions

76″ Long x 29.5″ Deep x 28″ Tall

Approximate Weight

120 Pounds

Weight Capacity

1000 Pounds

The Frontier Futon Guide

Unsure if the Frontier Futon is right for your home on wheels? Need some help figuring out sizing, dimensions, or other fitting considerations? We’re here to help!

Frontier Futon vanlife convertible couch bed created by Camp N Car


The Frontier Futon is the ultimate piece of transforming furniture for your van. This modular furniture option includes a wheel well cutout for space efficiency and includes two leveler legs for adjustability. The Frontier Futon is for you if you are tall, love saving space, and can’t decide between a bed and a couch.

Frontier Futon vanlife convertible couch bed created by Camp N Car


If you love van conversions with couches, the Frontier Futon allows you to enjoy a couch in a van that’s actually comfortable. Oh, and you’ll get a massive bed too! You won’t have to choose between lounging and sleeping well with this amazing piece of modular furniture. And you won’t have to sacrifice much space either!



Safety is important in vanlife, so we’ve included features to keep your Frontier Futon secure. Folding support legs provide stability that deploy when the Frontier Futon is in bed mode. The Frontier Futon can also be bolted into your vehicle, and we’re happy to install it professionally at our van conversion shop in Washington!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Frontier Futon fit over my wheel well?

Almost certainly! The Frontier Futon features a large wheel well cutout that is designed to fit into a variety of cargo vans, ensuring a seamless installation that optimizes your space.

The wheel well cutout dimensions are: 49.5″ wide x 12″ tall x 9″ deep

For further fitting considerations, you can reference the dimensions diagram in the Frontier Futon image gallery.

Can you ship a Frontier Futon to me?

Yes, we can! Like all of our other products, the Frontier Futon is available as an easily assembled DIY kit that will arrive to you in two different boxes. Shipping is included in the price for all customers in the lower 48 of the USA!

Like our other products, shipping a fully assembled Frontier Futon is only available to customers willing to pay very high freight shipping charges. It’s unlikely you will want to do this, but if you insist please contact us and we can discuss pricing.

For customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or other countries please contact us to get a custom shipping quote for your location.

What mattress do you recommend for the Frontier Futon?

Camp N Car offers a custom-designed mattress that works perfectly with the Frontier Futon at an additional $750. This mattress is sectioned off to allow it to seamlessly transition between couch and bed mode. It is also secured to the Frontier Futon with a bungee cord.

Choose between a medium-firm and extra firm foam for your mattress.

This mattress has a twill cotton cover and is available in the following colors: black, navy blue, burgundy red, brown, and green.

You are also welcome to create or find your own mattress! Just keep in mind the dimensions of the Frontier Futon when choosing your own mattress.

How much does the Frontier Futon weigh?

The Frontier Futon weighs about 120 pounds in the base frame, with the mattress only adding a few more pounds on top of that. It is surprisingly light considering how heavy-duty and well built it is!

Can the Frontier Futon be used in tiny homes or other spaces than vans?

Absolutely! The Frontier Futon is a great choice for use in a wide variety of spaces, whether it’s in a cargo van, pickup truck, or tiny house. As long as you have a space that can fit the Frontier Futon there’s no reason not to use it!

I need help installing the Frontier Futon, can you assist me?

We would love to help you install the Frontier Futon! For all customers picking their unit up from our shop in Port Townsend, Washington we would be happy to offer a free load in of your Frontier Futon. If you require a more extensive installation process, we will need to charge our hourly shop rate. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about installation assistance of the Frontier Futon!

Why does the Frontier Futon cost this much?

Everything we make is designed with a great deal of thorough engineering and care using advanced software and expensive machinery. From there we pick top quality and sustainable materials and hand craft everything here in Washington State to an extremely high standard. Additionally, our employees are highly skilled craftspeople who are paid living wages and are treated like our family.

The reality of doing all of this means we can’t offer goods that are as cheap as stuff you can buy from overseas manufactures. We are determined to continue being a company that manufactures solely in the United States and supports our local economy. Once you make your purchase you will see the quality and customer care make it all worthwhile!

Can you ship out of the United States? How about Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, we can! For customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or other countries please contact us to get a custom shipping quote for your location.

What is the weight capacity of the Frontier Futon?

The Frontier Futon is a heavy-duty piece of furniture and can handle a lot of weight! We have thoroughly torture-tested it with lots of people and weight and haven’t been able to break it, but our recommended weight capacity for the Frontier Futon is 1000 pounds.

Keep in mind that the heavy-duty drawer slides that deploy the Frontier Futon into bed mode are rated for 500 pounds, but the deploying support legs add a substantial amount of weight capacity to the overhanging bed area. If you are not using the support legs then you will not want to exceed 500 pounds of weight on the overhanging bed area.

Are you able to share the plans for the Frontier Futon with me?

We do not offer the schematics, plans, or CNC files for any of our products, including the Frontier Futon.

Final Considerations

The Frontier Futon is the game-changing piece of transforming furniture for a van that will take your tiny home on wheels to the next level. The bed works great for people of all heights and sizes and the couch is perfect for having guests over in your vanlife.

The Frontier Futon is one of the best pieces of modular furniture for vanlife we’ve created yet! This transforming couch/bed is for you if you are tall, enjoy hosting guests, or can’t decide between a couch and a bed in a van.

And don’t worry if you need us to we can assemble it for you at our van conversion shop in Washington!

2 reviews for Frontier Futon

  1. Holly Romano

    I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to spend the money on the Frontier Futon for my Ford Transit camper build but now that I’ve gotten everything set up and have used it for a couple of short camping trips all I can say is WOW, I am glad I bought it! Using the Frontier Futon is so easy and it is so nice to have a comfortable place to sleep and sit all in one furniture piece. I’m camping in a shorter wheelbase Transit so there wasn’t a lot of space for a seating area and I needed a lengthwise bed since my husband is 6′ 3″ and we didn’t want to install flares. The Frontier Futon has been the perfect solution to our layout issues and while we may have been able to build something similar it would have taken a long time and we were ready to get camping.

    Steve and the Camp N Car team are also a class act and were very helpful addressing all of our questions with kindness and patience. And believe me, I had a lot of questions! We had ours delivered to our home in Florida and were so pleased with how nicely everything was packed up. Be prepared though, one of the boxes is pretty big! All in all we have no complaints and would happily recommend the Frontier Futon to anyone that needs a sturdy convertible bed for their van.

  2. Emilia Jacobsen

    I am in love with my Frontier Futon! For how big and impressive of a unit it is, assembly was a breeze and I was able to put everything together by myself. The folding mattress that comes with it is really comfy and functions in a very clever way that is easy to use. I love that my Sprinter can both be a place for multiple people to hang out when the Frontier Futon is in couch mode but it’s also a very nice bed. I know it might seem like a lot of money but I am certain that if I tried to DIY this it wouldn’t work nearly as well. Stop second guessing yourself and buy it already!

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