With founders who have a professional background in the nonptofit sector, Camp N Car has always wanted to bring a more service oriented approach to our work. That is why we are very proud to be part of a partnership with the Home on Wheels Alliance (HOWA). The Home on Wheels Alliance is a charitable nonprofit that connects folks with a safe mobile living alternative, so they can avoid homelessness and get connected with a community of nomads. Founder Bob Wells is known for his popular Youtube channel Cheap RV Living, his role in Nomadland and has been a helpful and inspiring resource for nomads from all walks of life for years.

When we reached out to HOWA, we had no idea that the introduction would spark an innovative new product line. We knew we had to get creative so we could come up with something that could work great in their clientele’s minivans while also being a great solution for so many recreational campers who are looking to increase the adventure-worthiness of their rigs. That’s where the idea to integrate the Trunk Bunk into a more complete kit came to us.

On April 21st, 2021, Camp N Car Managing Director, Steve Moore will showcase this new product (The “Home-On-Wheels” Kit) in the southwest. The Home On Wheels Kit is an incredibly functional build that is well suited for minivans and other larger vehicles, allowing people from all walks of life to see, experience, and get inspired by a striking but affordable alternative to traditional RVs and costly camper trailers.

This trip to the Southwest represents the first of these builds to be donated to HOWA. Once these hit the market we will continue donating a Home On Wheels Kit to HOWA for every 10 we sell as a company The drive to do all of this is fueled by our desire to connect nomadic van dwellers and campers of all kinds with fair and affordable housing alternatives. Camp N Car is proud to be working with such as respectful organization that is responsible for helping so many folks besieged by harsh socioeconomic circumstances, pushed out of their spaces due to the rising housing and living costs. We are honored and excited to be walking this path with HOWA and are thrilled that our business can have such a positive impact on the nomad community in the United States.