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Need help selling your van?

Selling your van can be an intimidating process, let us make it easier for you! Our team of experts are experienced in the art of selling vans, whether they’re fully converted, partially built, or an empty shell. Take advantage of our extensive network and knowledge to help you find a buyer for your van that needs a new home.

Located in Port Townsend on Washington’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula, our consignment services are available to anyone who can bring their vehicle to our facility.

Consigning your van with Camp N Can takes the burden of marketing and selling the van off your plate and opens you up to a wide network of potential buyers who always have vans on their mind. We will handle all communication and tours with prospective buyers so you can relax and avoid dealing with tire kickers.

How it Works



Each vehicle consignment goes through a pre-inspection phase that starts with a look at the interior build from one of our campervan experts. If there are any outstanding issues or components that need fixing we will make a list of things to be done to the van prior to selling. Following our inspection we will have the van looked at by a trusted local mechanic to ensure the engine and interior workings of the vehicle are in good shape. The Camp N Car inspection cost will vary depending on your van and the mechanic visit is $200.

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After the van has been approved by our team to be listed we will get to work on selling your van! A listing fee varying between $300-$600 will get the van a photo shoot so it can be advertised on our website, social media, our newsletter, Vanlife Trader, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Camp N Car has a vast network and can reach thousands of people through our marketing channels. Additional listing websites and ads to increase the vehicle’s exposure can be purchased for an additional fee depending on the service.

Camp N Car in Port Townsend Washington will help you sell your van with our consignment program


Once the van has been listed our team of talented salespeople will handle all interactions and viewings with potential customers until we find a buyer. After the van has been sold Camp N Car will help you with the retitling process and collect a percentage of the final sales price once payment has cleared. Vans that sell for $110,000 or more will levy a 5% consignment fee. This fee increases by 1% for every $20,000 increment below $110,000 with a maximum of a 10% consignment fee for vans that sell for $10,000 or less.


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