How It All Began

Feb 13, 2021 | Blog

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your comfortable life behind to pursue adventure on the open road and experience the boundless potential of the nomadic lifestyle? Escaping the grind to live a life on the open road can be seen as a romantic notion, but it is this very idea that inspired Camp N Car co-founder Steve Moore to quit his comfortable office job in Seattle and convert his Honda Element into a tiny camper to drive north to Alaska. On this journey Steve would use his skills as a musician to pay for his travels and connect with communities in the far north, doing so out of a vehicle camper was the only logical solution. Longing to spend more time close to nature and have more space to chase his creative pursuits led Steve to collaborate with his childhood friend Martin on designing a custom camper built for his Honda Element. Using 3D modeling and CNC machinery, Martin and Steve came up with a modular sleeper and storage system that allowed Steve to live comfortably out of his vehicle while he explored a life of adventure in the far north. This build featured a basic bed platform with under storage, cabinets, an extending bed and ultimately turned his normal Honda Element into an awesome tiny home on wheels.  Steve took off for Alaska and spent most nights on his 6-month travel stint getting some of the best nights of sleep in his life inside this vehicle camper. Through all kinds of weather, environments and conditions the build proved to be a highly dependable and rugged design that was inspiring to many of the people Steve met on his travels. The design was so well received that people started telling Martin and Steve that they should make these kinds of vehicle camper platforms for a living, which ultimately sparked the idea for the two friends to start Camp N Car. Utilizing their skills, ambitions and experiences to start an inspiring business that helps people sleep and live more comfortably out of their vehicles was a logical next step for both Steve and Martin. Steve’s travels in Alaska showed him the value that this kind of travel can give a person in their life. Seeing countless beautiful scenes in the wilds of the north, meeting tons of interesting characters and experiencing transformative personal growth instilled a fundamental understanding of the nomadic life into Steve that has been a guiding light for the products and value that Camp N Car brings to the adventure community.   Now Camp N Car works with car campers and vanlifers from all walks of life to help them have a more comfortable night’s sleep in their vehicle so they can live and travel with greater amounts of freedom and flexibility. Our designs and craftsmanship are deeply rooted in a love of travel and adventure that cuts to a deeply personal aspect of who we are as a business. All of this is driven by our commitment to make quality USA made products and build up our community with our growing business where it all started, right here in Port Townsend in Washington state.