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You have the spirit…

Whether you are looking to fit a bed in an SUV for getaways in the mountains or convert a luxury Sprinter to live full-time on the road, our team at Camp N Car is here to help you realize your vision.

We know adventure comes in all sizes, and our team of experienced carpenters, engineers, and tradespeople are here to help you bring your dream to life at many levels and budgets.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas, so bring your inspiration and contact us soon because the road is waiting!


Jayne Neu - Ford Transit

One of the most professional places I have ever worked with. From start to finish it was easy and straightforward. Every step of the way we were consulted and given options. Every detail was explained. Our van (Vanna White), turned out to be exactly what we had hoped and after our first road trip with her, we realized she is everything and more!

Linda Delaney - Honda Fit

“I love it, it’s perfect! I can sleep in it, I can live in it, I can work in it, I can cook here. This is perfect for me. I’m gonna be retiring and I wanna hit the road and have a great time and now I can do it because of Camp N Car!”

Rod Hanson - RAM ProMaster 1500

“We couldn’t be happier, we really enjoyed the collabative process. We came in with our ideas but they would be enhanced every time we got into discussions. We’re really happy with where this went!”

Pam Craig - Toyota Highlander

In March I saw an interview that the Home On Wheels Alliance did with Steve from Camp N Car and Boom! I knew I had found the company with heart, skill and vision that fit my dream.

From start to finish their team gave the customer service, care and skill I had envisioned and more! They were actually excited to do my build, consulted and worked with me to give me the best Camping Car!”

Xenia Kachur - Honda CRV

“I have an ’08 Honda CR-V and am blown away by the functionality and maximization of space that Marty and Steve were able to create. Every time I take the car out for an adventure, I am reminded of how creatively and precisely the team was able to design and engineer around my needs. I am SO HAPPY with the work that they have done and am looking forward to many more summer van adventures with the pups!”

…We have the tools!

The first step is to contact us. Once we’ve connected we will book an initial consultation with one of our conversion specialists in Port Townsend, Washington. Don’t live near us? This first meeting can also be done remotely via video chat! Following that meeting, we’ll provide you with a rough estimate.

If the rough estimate looks good to you, we will move your project into the design phase.

The design phase will last as long as you want or need it to and can be as detailed as you like. Simple conversions might require just an hour or two in the design phase, whereas highly customized vans could require much more, depending on your vision and planning style.

The design phase comes to an end when you say so. If you want to move forward with the project, we’ll present you with an official contract estimate. Once you sign your contract and pay your construction deposit, we’ll pick a start date for your build to begin.

Are you ready to bring your dream camper to life?!


A top of the line RAM ProMaster camper conversion van done by the talented team at Camp N Car located in Port Townsend Washington USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my custom project done with you?

Our availability to execute projects changes throughout the year, but for full van conversions most customers can expect to wait 3-6 months until we are able to start. For smaller one off projects sometimes we can get them in as soon as a couple of weeks, it all depends on the volume and nature of the workload we are dealing with at any given time. We do our best to accommodate people’s timelines but our team is highly in demand and well worth the wait!

How much does your custom work cost?

Like anything we do there is a huge amount of variation in the cost of a custom project. Everything we do is billed out on a time and materials basis, so the more time and materials your project requires the more it will cost. Full van conversions built out in an empty van run between $70,000 – $100,000 depending on how many ammenities and features you want. Whereas a small car camper setup can be as low as a couple thousand dollars. The price all depends on the complexity of the project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to book an estimate or get some rough ideas of the price range you can expect to pay for your project.

I have an existing camper conversion that needs upgrades or additions, can you help?

Absolutely! Whether your existing camper conversion needs general maintenance or you have some serious upgrades you want done we would be happy to make that happen for you. Our team has done a number of van remodels, electrical system upgrades and installed new furniture in vans built by other companies and DIYer’s. Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry and let’s see what we can do.

Does your team install pop tops or aftermarket high top roofs for vans?

Currently, this is not a service we are able to offer due to the nature of these kinds of installations. There are a number of companies on the West Coast that do pop-top and extended roof installations and we would be happy to refer you to a specialist who can meet these needs.

Will you work on camper trailers, RVs, 5th wheels or truck campers?

Yes! While building vans is our specialty our team is happy to do maintenance or remodel work on your camper trailer, RV, 5th wheel or truck camper. 

Can you do small one off projects like window, heater or fan installations?

We are happy to provide our skills for small one off projects such as window, fan or heater installations. There is no true minimum to work with our custom shop so even if it feels like a small and simple job we are happy to help and provid you with the same level of care as we would for one of our large full van conversions.

I don't own a vehicle for camping out of yet, can you help me purchase one?

Yes we can! Whether it’s connecting you to one of the reputable dealers in our network or helping you find a good deal on a used van/car we are experienced in the art of vehicle acquisition. If you need ongoing assistance in shopping for a vehicle we are happy to offer this service at an hourly rate. We’ll find and share good looking deals with you so you can go look at the vehicle yourself without worrying about looking all over online to find one.

Do you offer full solar installations or other electrical system setups?

Yes! Our team is very experienced with solar installs and electrical setups in a variety of vehicles and RVs. We have added solar to a number of campers that had existing electrical systems. Want to add alternator charging to your house battery? No problem! Got some electrical issues that need troubleshooting? We would be happy to help.

Is there a minimum to the size of projects you will take on?

While we do not have a specific minimum on the size of projects there may be some projects have to pass on. If a project is too small for us to do we will let you know prior to booking a consultation or having you pay us for any work.

Can you help me with my custom camper design remotely?

It depends on what kind of help you are looking for but there are ways we can help you with your build remotely. You are welcome to consult with any of our expert team members on topics ranging from electrical to plumbing and beyond. If you are looking for furniture design or assistance with 3D drafting we can help you with these projects as well. Our in house engineer can even generate CNC code for you to get components cut out at your local CNC machine shop.