Custom work is an integral part of how Camp N Car helps manifest the dreams of adventure enthusiasts. We offer the services of our highly trained and dedicated engineers, designers and woodworkers to make something beautiful for your vehicle that meets your needs and will last you a lifetime of travels.

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The Camp N Car design team is made up of highly trained professionals who use advanced modern woodworking tools and techniques to create world class sleeper setups, cabinetry, storage solutions and other designs that can breathe life into whatever you wish to drive into the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for a full service van conversion or a smaller car camper build, our team would love to hear about your custom work dreams and find solutions that work for you and your budget.


Arletia Marshall - GMC Yukon Denali

“I am loving the build in my Denali. the storage is awesome, with plenty of sleeping space that should be able to fit my 2 large dogs as well with no issues. Thank you, this will make my camping even more fun! I recommend these guys to anyone who has camped in their car.”

Xenia Kachur - Honda CRV

“I have an ’08 Honda CR-V and am blown away by the functionality and maximization of space that Marty and Steve were able to create. Every time I take the car out for an adventure, I am reminded of how creatively and precisely the team was able to design and engineer around my needs. The storage solutions are elegant and easy-to-access and the engineering is exact to the millimeter – the platform perfectly hugs the cargo door prevent any unwanted movement of the assembly during transit. I am SO HAPPY with the work that they have done and am looking forward to many more summer van adventures with the pups!”

Pam Craig - Toyota Highlander

In March I saw an interview that the Home On Wheels Alliance did with Steve from Camp N Car and Boom! I knew I had found the company with heart, skill and vision that fit my dream.

From start to finish their team gave the customer service, care and skill I had envisioned and more! They were actually excited to do my build, consulted and worked with me to give me the best Camping Car! Thank you Micah, Marty and Steve!”


First things first: contact us! We’ll discuss your list of wants and see if Camp N Car can get you there. Next, you’ll book an in-person appointment with our designers in Port Townsend, WA, where they’ll obtain all the necessary information and take measurements. After a week or two, you’ll be provided a basic mockup of the project to approve, along with an estimated cost.

The consultation and design process is $275, which will be deducted from your total project balance. With your consultation you’ll receive a 45 minute in person or remote session with our designer who will take measurements, do sketches and work to understand your vision. Afterwards you will receive a detailed 3D model of your build in addition to a price estimate. Additional time spent making major changes to the design may incur further charges.

Upon final approval, we’ll collect a deposit and agree upon terms of payment for the rest of the project. Throughout the entire process, we’ll work closely together to ensure every aspect of the build is exactly as you want it — from the kind of lumber and hardware we use to any edits that might improve the workability of the unit itself.

In order for our custom shop to be viable for our business we have a minimum project cost of $3000. If this is too high for your budget consider exploring our online store for what we have to offer in terms of standardized products!


Unmatched Skill


Our team is made up of highly educated and experienced woodworking experts. By blending modern technology with timeless carpentry prowess, our custom shop is where form meets function no matter what we are building. Our skills are informed by a love for adventure on the road which plays into every consideration when creating something for your vehicle.

Thorough Care


Throughout every step of the custom work process you and your design will be treated with the utmost care and attention. We work with you from inception to finalization to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your end product. You’ll get mockups to review, reliable communication, and plenty of opportunities to exercise your creativity as we craft your dream build.

Top Quality


We pick only the finest materials to ensure your build will last for years to come. Additionally, we opt for types of lumber that are more sustainable in nature, like hemlock, fir and birch. If you have a special type of material you’d like to be used, simply let us know during the design process and we’ll incorporate it into the project plan and bid.

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