Toyota RAV4 Camper

Here’s another crazy cool car camping conversion in a Toyota RAV4! 😁 Peng needed a build that would fold up in the back of her SUV and fully expand to create a large sleeping area big enough for her and her boyfriend. If you know Camp N Car even a little you know that we can’t resist a good project, so we made it happen.

This super slick camping unit features two pull-out drawers for gear storage, supporting legs to compensate for the slope of the RAV4, and is easily removed when it’s not needed. It also folds up small enough to fit behind the second-row seats, allowing for the full functionality of the RAV4 to remain intact 🤯 The Exped mattress Peng chose is perfect as well!

Camper conversions for the RAV4, CRV, and similar Crossover SUVs are one of the biggest requests here at Camp N Car. Let’s just say that we absolutely loved this build and will be using it as inspiration for future offerings that can be shipped directly to your door 📦


Amazing camper build for comfortable sleeping in a 2017 Toyota RAV4 that stows away in the rear cargo area made by the conversion shop of Camp N Car in Port Townsend Washington.

Our camper builds are made with extremely durable and high-quality materials to ensure that your build will last through a lifetime of adventure. Take control of your lodging and travel with more independence than ever before! We know you’ll love the ease, flexibility, and affordability of camping in your car. Contact us today to find out if this setup is right for you.