Toyota RAV4 Camper Build

Toyota RAV4 Camper Build

Behold this epic Toyota RAV4 camper build! Our customer Mary wanted a nice flat sleeping area with built-in storage to camp comfortably in her crossover SUV and the team delivered in a big way 🔥 We liked this build so much that we are now offering this as a setup anyone can get at our shop in the PNW! Within this build you will find:

🟢 Level sleeping surface for using your favorite camping mattress
🟢 Side shelving units for organizing a wide variety of essentials
🟢 Flip out extension for increasing the length of the sleeping area
🟢 Under storage accessed from the back and a platform cubby lid
🟢 Fully removable design that is easy to disassemble

Want to get set up with your very own Crossover Cabin? We offer this build for anyone with a Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Subaru Crosstrek or other crossover SUV who can come to our shop in the Pacific Northwest. The full setup including assembly and custom fitting for your specific vehicle costs $2950. Contact us today to schedule an installation and get cruising in style for this camping season.


Our camper builds are made with extremely durable and high-quality materials to ensure that your build will last through a lifetime of adventure. Take control of your lodging and travel with more independence than ever before! We would love to get a Crossover Cabin into your vehicle so you can cruise in style. Contact us today to find out if this setup if right for you.