RAM ProMaster City Build

RAM ProMaster City Build

Our awesome customer Terence brought us a sweet little red RAM ProMaster City he wanted us to convert and we were happy to do so! This simple yet elegant build is fit for all kinds of adventures, both big and small. This van features:

  • Trunk Bunk modular sleeping platform by Camp N Car
  •  Incredibly sturdy folding table from the custom shop
  • Pop out Trunk Bunk under-drawers for epic storage
  • Havelock Wool insulation spread all throughout the van
  • Custom professional grade carpeting job on the van interior
  • Goal Zero battery shelf with stunning curly maple trim
  • Beautifully stained wooden floors, window panels and ceiling
  • Numerous hidden storage compartments
  • Rechargeable LED puck lights installed on the ceiling

We even fixed the Maxxair fan that was on his van that wasn’t working, a service offered by our van shop. Many of these components like the Trunk Bunk can be purchased at our store for your van today!


As someone who rents out and deals with vans regularly Terence knows the value of a good conversion. This RAM ProMaster City build is ideal for a solo traveler or a couple looking for a comfortable minmalist setup in a nice compact van. While many outfitters only take on full scale van conversions that often cost over 6 figures and are limited to specific kinds of vans, our custom shop will do just about anything for just about any vehicle. Fill out a custom work inquiry or contact us today for more information!