ProMaster City Conversion

ProMaster City Conversion

Behold, another epic small van conversion from the Camp N Car custom shop! Step inside this beautiful RAM ProMaster City conversion we recently completed for our customer Nancy Jo. Within this bona fide tiny home on wheels you’ll find:

🔶 Custom sleeping platform with storage compartments
🔶 Havelock wool and Thinsulate insulation on the interior
🔶 Wood paneling and carpeting all over the walls and ceiling
🔶 Cool geometric shapes cut into the sleeping platform
🔶 Deployable table that securely folds out of the way
🔶 Beautiful leather rear door handle made by local artisan
🔶 Roof rack installed in house on the top of the van
🔶 Laser engraved Camp N Car logo featured in the rear

This is one of our classic straightforward builds that provides the customer with a comfortable home on wheels without getting bogged down in excessive features that drive up the price.

This RAM ProMaster City conversion is ideal for a solo traveler looking for a comfortable minimalist setup in a nice compact van. While many outfitters only take on full scale van conversions that often cost over 6 figures and are limited to specific kinds of vans, our custom shop will do just about anything for just about any vehicle. Fill out a custom work inquiry or contact us today for more information!