Honda Fit Camper

Honda Fit Camper

Our custom shop completed this sweet modular camping setup for our customer Linda’s Honda Fit. This epic build has turned Linda’s small car into a bona fide tiny home on wheels and she couldn’t be more excited. The features of this build are:

💥 Sleeping platform that is perfectly fit to the vehicle interior
💥 Rear cabinet with fold down table for outdoor cooking
💥 Under-storage accessed at the side doors and platform lids
💥 Easily removable from the vehicle without the use of tools
💥 Large interior cabinet that doubles as a desk or table
💥 Extending platform for increasing the available sleeping area
💥 High grade materials and plywood with beautiful veneers
💥 Access to spare tire made easy without removing whole build
💥 Upper lips on cabinet tops for additional storage solutions
💥 Lightweight and sturdy design sure to pass the test of time

The best part? This is only the first phase of Linda’s setup! We’re currently working on a custom wooden rooftop cargo box that will give Linda a beautiful storage container that fits perfectly alongside her kayak.

Turning small cars into epic campers is our bread and butter. We use the best quality lumber and hardware available to create something that will last for a lifetime of adventure. Everything is made in collaboration with our customers to match their vision and ensure 100% satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it though, Linda had this to say about her Camp N Car build:

“I love it, it’s perfect! I can sleep in it, I can live in it, I can work in it, I can cook here. This is perfect for me. I’m gonna be retiring and I wanna hit the road and have a great time and now I can do it because of Camp N Car!”

Want to design your very own camper with us? Fill out a custom work inquiry or contact us today for more information.