We want to help others realize the potential to achieve unforgettable adventures with ease, comfort and style, while also being kind to the earth.

It all started with two friends, a dream of adventure and a little technical know-how. Having long wanted to spend more time traveling and exploring the northern reaches of the continent, Camp N Car co-owner Steve Moore hatched the plan to buy a Honda Element, trick it out and live life on the road for a while. After sharing his plans with lifelong friend and Camp N Car co-owner Martin Nerbovig, they decided to work together on a sweet custom unit for Steve. After some 3D modeling work, CNC machining and no small amount of sandpaper, Steve’s build was complete and ready for adventure in Alaska. The product proved inspiring to many and would ultimately spark the idea to start Camp N Car after Steve returned from his journey in the north.

Camp N Car


We take environmental stewardship seriously and only purchase our wood from vendors who procure their lumber from certifiably sustainable forests.


Almost any vehicle can be converted to include a sleeping area that provides you with everything you need to travel.


We hope our craftsmanship inspires people to travel in a meaningful way while growing their respect for mother nature as they experience her beauty.

“We believe in experiencing the vastness of the natural world without the excessive resource consumption of motorhomes and RVs”.

Meet the Team

Steve Moore

Steve Moore

Managing Director

Born and raised on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Steve’s exposure to the wonders of the outdoors started at a young age. This love for nature has followed him throughout his career, from a 3 year tenure at Washington Trails Association to where he is now in Seattle. Steve manages communications, marketing, sales and many other logistic aspects of Camp N Car. Between his work experience, travels and a degree in International Studies from UW Seattle, he has gained a wide variety of skills and a worldly knowledge set that have aided him greatly in his entrepreneurial pursuits. In his free time Steve can be found climbing mountains, brewing cider and performing original music in several projects. 

Martin Nerbovig

Martin Nerbovig

Technical Director

Having grown up on a farm in the foothills below the Olympic Mountains, Martin is no stranger to the beauty of adventure. Growing up in an environment which encouraged ingenuity and imagination ultimately led him to pursue an education in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University. It was here that Martin’s love of tinkering would blossom into a wide variety of design and fabrication skills that he is now using to create our sweet camper builds. For over 3 years Martin has also been helping design world class aluminum boats in Port Townsend, which has only strengthened his engineering acumen. When not working, Martin enjoys fine literature, painting, inventing wacky things and hiking.